My epilator: how to choose ?

The My Epilator Blog is a comprehensive guide to help you choose an epilator. It gathers information, advice but also tests and years of experience of use. So why not share it with other women?

What is an epilator?

I know there are women who have not heard of Pulsed Light Hair Removal or who have never used an electric epilator. Okay, we’ll start with the base.

An electric epilator is a small device that removes hair at the root with its tiny ceramic/metal clamps. The hairs are not pulled out one at a time, which would simply take an eternity to make the legs. The clamps rotate, grab the hairs and pull on them to pull them off. Several hairs are plucked in a single pass.

A pulsed light epilator is a device that uses a flash lamp that emits intense pulsed light. Strictly speaking, the “flash lamp” is not a laser, it emits less energy. Nevertheless, the principle is similar: the destruction of hair by destroying the pigment of melanin. Simply put, there is no risk of burning.

Laser hair removal uses wavelengths that penetrate deeper into the bit, allowing the hair root (the hair follicle) to be treated directly for permanent hair removal.

Why choose an epilator?

1. Choosing an best epilator 2017 means investing in an electric appliance that can be taken anywhere and that will not require extra expense (no need to buy wax regularly). So it’s a cheap hair removal method.
2. The result of the epilation lasts longer (or even very long with a pulsed light epilator). Forget about shaving every three days!
3. After prolonged use, fewer hair grows back and, most importantly, they grow thinner, and this is where things get interesting. Because you will gradually spend less and less time depilating yourself.
4. Using an epilator is incredibly simple. Anyone can do this, and it’s the best way to get rid of unwanted hair. Simply move slowly at a 90-degree angle to bristles. Tip: if it does not hurt, it means that no hair is torn off, a sign that you are probably going too fast.

Are epilators right for you?

Are epilators the greatest invention of the 20th century? No, probably not. But it is a method of waxing that suits many women (and men too), and that does not cost very expensive.

Are you looking for a hair removal method that has lasting results? Do you want a smooth skin for at least two weeks? Do you want to pay for an epilator once instead of having to pay every month? And without having to pay 1000 € for your waxing …

These are the essential qualities of an epilator: it lasts longer because they remove the hair with their root, it is affordable regarding price, it can be used easily at home, it is less tedious to use than the wax.

To not lie, the epilators can still have defects. This is the case of electric epilators for example. Their problem is a pain, with some people struggling to withstand the pain of hair plucking. There is also the first use, which requires being meticulous and which takes time, to be sure to go well everywhere and not leave a hair here and there. Some women do not have the patience required for this first session. Fortunately, this disadvantage disappears over time, since by use, the hair grows finer and poses fewer problems.

Pulsed light epilator

A pulsed light epilator uses light to remove hairs more efficiently and for a long period. Here is a specific chapter to know how it works, as well as the pros and cons of this type of devices.

Is Pulsed Light Hair Removal Permanent?

It is a fairly widespread thought that pulsed light hair removal is permanent. No. Hair removal with pulsed light is often confused with laser hair removal. It will destroy the hairs present, destroying them directly at the root. At the same time, it will affect the process of regeneration and regrowth. But waxing will not be final. In fact, over the long term, it is more a hair reduction effect than permanent hair removal. But a reduction of the 80 to 90% type of regrowth in less anyway.

Can a Pulsed Light Hair Removal Be Dangerous?

Initially, clinics and spas practiced pulsed light hair removal. But in recent years, devices have appeared on the market for use at home. All these devices meet standards set by the health agency and present no risk to using (their power is not sufficient to burn the skin for example). The prices are higher than a conventional epilator (between 200 and 500 € in general), but believe me, in the long term, it is worth it.