Buy your first ukulele – Guide and advice for beginners !

The first ukulele purchase is the moment when everything will be played, or the charm will operate. It is at this moment that we will really realize its first step towards the marvelous and picturesque world of this little instrument, with great powers. It is therefore important to make a wise choice, to avoid the bad experience, which will make your ukulele an object of decoration.

Here is the shopping list of the best ukulele for a beginner:
• An ukulele
• Strings of quality
• A house of protection
• A tuner
• A method

The first ukulele:
As I explain in the course understand its ukulele, there are several sizes, from the smallest to the largest:
• Soprano
• Concert
• Tenor
• Baritone

For a beginner, I strongly advise you to take a soprano (the guide, below, will be based on him) is the most classic size or if you really have gigantic hands, see, if you come from the guitar, Concert will do the trick (more expensive). The soprano has only advantages. One by its size, it is small which allows you to carry it everywhere. Its sound is often the closest to the image that the folklore so much appreciated by the instrument. Even if you find it very small for you, your hands (no matter the size) will quickly find dens.

The size of the tuning fork can go for:
– the soprano: from 30.5 cm to 35.5 cm: original and classic size of Ukulele
– the concert: from 35.5 cm to 40.5 cm
– the tenor: from 40.5 cm to 45.5 cm
– the baritone: beyond 45,5 cm
The advantage of this small instrument is that according to the playing techniques (dampings, roll strocke …) and the type of Ukulele, all styles can be approached: traditional music, as well as blues, jazz, surf, rock , Folk or reggae.
A cheap ukulele to start:

Here is the most common mistake of beginners, buy a ukulele at a discount for 10 or 30 euros, “history to try”. I will be very clear, at this price, they are ukuleles for decoration, see toys for children. They do not resemble instruments. They are made by chain, with materials that do not respect any standard, by people who mock the sound it produces and it is a bad competition for companies for whom the ukulele is a noble product.

You’ll soon be out of your mind. The tuning is difficult and will only take a while (if it is possible to grant, will already have a chance). You will not be able to play a chord correctly. And the plastic Made In there little kill you !! So flee !!! Convinced?

What price for a correct ukulele?

From 50 to 150 euros, it is a very good compromise quality / price. You will not have a handmade instrument for sure, but you will have the right to entry-level serious manufacturers and the cover you will often be offered. Here is a list of reliable choices:
• Aloha
• Mahalo
• Kala
• Makala
• Gewa
More than 150 euros, you go towards a quality instrument, which will follow you for years, but unless you are certain to have the ukulele in your skin, wait for such an investment.

The ropes :
Most of the time, the ukuleles were delivered with cheap ropes. I advise you immediately to change them for Aquila, it is in my opinion the best you would find.
The method :
I propose you my own method, accelerated learning of ukulele for beginner. With the guide in your pocket, you can begin your learning to day and play your first melody the next hour.

Ukulele tuner:
There are a multitude of ways to tune your precious, as explained in my tuning course. I advise you to invest directly in an electronic tuner, it is so much easier.
Choose your Ukulele
So that once purchased, your ukulele does not remain as a beautiful object of decoration, it is necessary to be able to take pleasure in playing it and to listen to it: three unstoppable criteria: the materials, the proportions and the strings.
You can find Ukuleles at all prices: from 20 euros to more than 400 euros. So how to choose the right ukulele to start or continue?