Should women practice to the Elliptical machine?

Being cardio would definitely be necessary for women of any age and GYM goals. And with this whole body machine, it will bring about a burn fat effect. Besides, weight loss is faster during shorter training periods. This is great for women. If you can practice with intensity for more than 5 minutes at this device then it is a great thing. Especially, if you choose the best elliptical machine, it is very useful in your practice.

1. Overview Cardio on the elliptical.
This is one of the most common cardio exercises for fat loss, weight loss, cardiovascular training, and improved health. While you will avoid unnecessary foot and heel damage when cardio is high on Treadmill (Treadmill).
There are many programs programmed on the machine (fat lost, weight loss, strength, interval, climbing, cardiovascular …), you just select a program.

The programs are the same, you just have to pay attention to adjust two important parameters: the time for an exercise and the intensity (level) for an episode only, if you first play or select the value default or lower to practice.

2. Cardio Technique on Elliptical Machines.

This device will automatically generate electricity during using, so you can do it even if the power goes out. And more especially you can start running immediately without the need to configure because in the initial condition also has been a challenge for many people already. Currently at ThehinhOnline GYM Center equipped with Ellipticals Spirit CE 800 is the best line of the company, powerful, safe and secure, programmed 10 modern cardio programs to meet the training needs of all classes of GYM. You can straighten your back when running, or bend back, or you can apply your arms and legs to workouts at the same time, no matter what. All are good because our goal is to burn fat, to do cardio and to maintain good health

3. The way to cardio on every device
Different cardio exercises will result in weight loss, muscle loss, fat loss, cardiovascular health, endurance, endurance, depending on intensity and cardio time. yours.

– Slow intensity + short time , this way is nothing more than the purpose of warm up and relax after the exercise GYM because too little energy burning and not help to improve cardiovascular.

– Slower intensity + longer time (over 30 minutes): slower walking (or brisk walking you can practice while chatting with the person easily) for long periods of time will help you mainly use fat Too much is the main energy to exercise, so this is a way to lose fat (fat lost) while still maintaining your muscle mass. However, the amount of calories burned is not very much.

– High intensity + short time (less than 20 minutes): fast (can not talk to people around easily in a short time to help you lose muscle and still burn a significant amount of calories, especially for you have a cardiovascular system, endurance is also trained (MaxOT cardio method).

– High Intensity + Long Time (over 30 minutes): Running this long marathon gives you a healthy cardiovascular system, burning off an abundance of calories, losing weight will be very effective of course. Will lose part, this is a good exercise if you are not interested in muscle

– Interval highs + short periods (less than 30 minutes): This is known as the Interval or HIIT method, with each cycle (each cycle will have a fast running time and a slow walking time. For example, 1 minute fast then 1 minute slow) (will go into this later), a cardio session in this method can be 7-8 cycles, and cycles will vary depending on the level. Each person’s cardio, this method gives us a good recovery ie you have time to recover. This is also a very common practice, of course, cardio in such a short time will not make your muscles lose.