How many types of battery?

Batteries are one of the Turning-point in the historical development of the human. In the industrial period, batteries have a big contribution and become indispensable items in our life. With a small item, we can operate many devices which serve our needs. In fact, Initial batteries were designed in the big-box shape, then changed into the cylindrical format. After developing process, batteries are standardized and popular nowaday. In the market, we can easily find battery brand such as high drain 18650 battery, Eveready 742 and so on. However, before deciding what battery that we should buy, let’s discover basic information about batteries.

How many types of battery

1. Cylinder

The Cylinder cell is one of the most spreading products used packaging styles for primary and secondary batteries. The outstanding of this batteries is its durability. With a good mechanical stability, the tubular cylinder can stand under high internal pressure.
There is a positive thermal coefficient ( PTC) switch go hand in hand with lithium and nickel-based cylindrical cell. When being exposed to current, the conductive polymer heats up to become resistive. It stops the curent flow and acts as short circuit protection. PTC will cool down and return to the conductive state if once the short is removed.
Besides, they also have featured a pressure relief mechanism by a membrane seal under high pressure. If the membrane breaks, the batteries can be leakage or dry out. Moreover, there is also Re-sealable vents with a spring-loaded valve which is one of the favorite design. The Li-ion cells will connect pressure relief valve so that an electrical fuse can permanently open the cell if there is an unsafe pressure building up.

How many types of battery 2

2. Button cell

Button cell is also known as coin cell. They were designed with a small form which allowed people use in the mobile devices in the 1980s. Stacking the cells into a tube can create higher voltages. Some cordless device such as telephone, medical tool, security wands at the airport used these batteries.These products are quite small and inexpensive, but the stacked button cell is out of normal favor and conventional battery formats.
One of the drawbacks of the product is swelling if we charge them too rapidly. The reason for this trouble is this item does not have safety vent and can only charged at a 10 to 16 hours.
Nowadays, most of the products in the market are unchangeable. We just buy them for our devices and throw away when they become useless.

3. Prismatic Cell

This is the most modern product in battery line. Introducing in the first of 1990, the prismatic cell can satisfies any demand of thinner size. The cell is wrapped in elegant packages resembling a box of a chocolate bar or chewing gum. With this design, a prismatic cell can use maximum space. For other designs, they are also wound and flattened into a pseudo-prismatic jelly roll. This kind of product is found in mobile phones, tablets, and laptop from 800 mAh to 4,000 mAh.
Besides, the prasmatic cell is also designed for large formats. Packaged in welded aluminum housing, this item can deliver 20–50Ah and be used for electric powertrains in hybrid and electric vehicles.

How many types of battery 1

4. Pouch Cell

Pouch cell has a radical new design. Instead of using a metallic cylinder and glass-to-metal electrical feed-through, foil-tabs were welded and brought outside in a sealed way.
Compared to other three kinds, these batteries make more efficient use of space with 90-95 % packaging efficiency. This is an impressive number in battery line. Pouch packs are commonly Li-polymer. Because some mobile devices such as plan require high load current, the large cell in the 10Ah in energy storage system need to be provided to meet the need.
However, extreme swelling is also one of the problems. High pressure can crack the battery swelling incident on a poor batch run.
In conclusion, these are some basic information about four types of battery: Cylinder,
Button cell, Prismatic Cell, Pouch Cell. Hope with this article; you can have more knowledge about this useful product.