The Secret of Choosing a Pillow to Sleep

The pillows are essential items of each person, so choosing the right pillow for the proper sleeping position is important to your bedroom and a good sleep. Besides, it also can make a significant difference. The following tips will give the essential information for you to choose the best pillows that improve your health.

The Secret of Choosing a Pillow to Sleep2

Five tips for a healthy sleep

– An ideal pillow will have a thickness of 12 to 14 centimeters, which is soft, and elastic. Moreover, the gut pillow is made of synthetic cotton as well as the pillowcase that is also made of soft fabric with the warm color.

– The pillow should not be too thin to hold the head and nape of the neck in a comfortable position. However, the pillow is not too hard and thick as well because it can cause neck pain and anemia. It is better to choose the one that has appropriate height and a flat surface. A too high pillow can make the neck fatigued.

– For people with neck pain, they should consider buying a long and soft pillow that is filled with feathers inside. It helps the airflow circulate easily and the nape of your neck will not get hurt or overheat. People with low blood pressure should use thin pillows. Thanks to this, the blood could circulate quickly to the brain.

– Synthetic fiber pillows are best suited to those who suffer from allergies, as this type of fiber is smooth and hairless.

– You also need to take note that according to expert Gina Bertolotti, the silk pillowcase makes you feel cool and then it helps minimize the sweating at night. This keeps your hairstyle as well.

The Secret of Choosing a Pillow to Sleep1

How to choose the most suitable gut pillow

Once you have chosen the right pillow for your sleeping posture, you should determine the type of gut pillow that suits your need. Fuzz and feather are excellent stuff for those who want a soft pillow. Furthermore, the sponges and buckwheat bark are also the good material for a gut pillow, which supports the head and neck properly. Cotton and polyester fibers are an excellent choice for those who like solidity and flatness.

If you have a seasonal allergy, you should invest in a non-allergenic pillow. If you suffer from night sweats, a pillow with moisture absorption or fabric temperature balance can help you sleep more comfortably.

The Secret of Choosing a Pillow to Sleep


Get used to sleeping without pillows

The pillow is not only placed in the head and neck position. Depending on the sleeping posture, the pillow can be used in many positions to provide the best sleep. However, sleeping without a pillow also brings more benefits.

Although a pillow can support the head, sleeping without pillows can prevent the development of wrinkles, neck pain, and spinal problems as well.

When sleeping with a pillow that is too high, you may get the sore back, neck, and shoulders. Thus, if you are experiencing these problems, it is best to experience a night of sleep without a pillow.

For many people, it is hard to sleep without a pillow. If you want to form healthy habits, you should take the following steps.

– Do not go to bed without pillows immediately because you are familiar with them. It is no double that this sudden change will cause difficulty in sleeping. In the first few weeks, you can use a multi-layer towel to put under your head instead of a pillow.

– At first, you will fold the towel the same height of the pillow that you often use each night. A few days later, you lower the layer of the towel. Over time, you will get used to sleeping without a pillow.

– Sleeping without a pillow in combination with muscle and spine exercises will be good for your health so much.

If you check and see that the current pillow is not suitable for each member of your home, let’s be hurry to have a “reform” to protect your sleep.