My favourite 3 movies this year

The super heroes are the one mimicked by kids and even elders like to watch the. This year had some super heroes impressing one and all.
Dredd: is a science fiction thriller which takes you to a futuristic realm. Here there are no courts or judges. The police can be a judge or even execute for crimes. In this movie America is a waste land destructed by x-rays and exposure. We have a Mega City One on the east coast which is only chaos as criminals roaming and spreading violence in the city. To add to the woes is a new drug called SLO MO which is said to alter reality the minute it is consumed. In fact it acts according to its name and slows down a person and makes him sluggish. Karl Urban is judge Dredd and he and his assistant who is a trainee are hunting a band of men who have may have some answers to the newly spread drug epidemic. The action is crisp and sticks to the original character which was played by Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 classic. In this movie too Dredd never takes his helmet off. With the progress in years and crime, the judges here are far more violent and uncompromising. This movie is adapted from a comic book and has been a bit underrated. The director has made good use of the 3D visuals, and Karl Urban has essayed a perfect role of a cold and calculated man who can mouth off those cool confident one liners at ease.
The Avengers
The Avengers: The film was a big grosser of the year that just scooped up all the heroes of the Marvel comics in one banner. We have The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black widow and Iron Man and what a formidable team they are. When the peace and security of the world is threatened by an enemy it is left to Nick Fury the Director of the international peace keeping security to get the force together and fight for a cause. This is a brilliantly cinematographed movie which moves you emotionally to imagine what could happen if super heroes do exist. The Avengers is a great film and kudos to director Whedon for putting the characters together so vividly and inter-mingling some subtle humour especially from Captain America.

The Amazing Spiderman: It is almost 50 years that Spiderman(Peter Parker )has been around and he is still the swinging crawling superhero loved by all. Andrew Garfield is the new Spiderman. He has no memory of Jane and that brings Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey as his new girlfriend. She is more inquisitive and also seems passionate about Parker’s spidery senses. Spiderman ) discovers some startling clues that might lead him to discover the truth behind his parent’s disappearance. His quest now brings him to with DR. Curt Conner’s who is said to have his father’s partner. Here he takes on the Lizard who is none else than DR. Conners. The last half hour of the film has packed in all the action one was waiting to see.

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