Top 4 Portable Vaporizers for weed !

For many people, smoking marijuana cigarettes is so familiar, so they hesitate to invest a Vape for weed. However, it is a high time for you to change yourself. In the modern life, there is no space for complex and out-of-fashion like cigarettes. Are you ready to reach a new level? Make sure that with a gentle vaporizer, you never regret your decision. Now, let’s discover the best Portable Vaporizers for weed.

1. The Haze – $ 249
The Haze is one of the first portable vaporizers on the market. There are four different temperature levels that you can set with various moisture and density types of bulbs.
The Haze has two kinds of heating which lie inside the steel walls. Their mission is offering convection as well as conduction heat. With a little force, this device can push cool air out and its patent-pending cooling system.
The difference between the Haze and other portable vaporizer is an ability to do simultaneously vaporize two types of materials with heating methods at the same time. Therefore, you can enjoy a good flavor and have time to relax. A plus point of the Haze is led temperature display; this led allows you to exactly know temperature setting with different color light.
There are $ 249 If you want to get a Haze Vaporizer.

2. Plenty Vaporizer – $299
Plenty Vaporizer is one the products that is highly evaluate on the market and get lots of the love from customers.
This product is an herbal vaporizer using a strong, powerful, robust handheld technology, including a hot air generator. The device has an excellent and catching eye looking. A plus of the product is the sound that it created. It is so quiet that you even do not realize that Plenty is working. The double helix heat changer helps the device offer effective air heat and produces a clean and think vapor.

You never mind the heat, with the stainless steel cooling coil can make sure that you have deep hits without burning. For a Plenty vaporizer, the price is about $ 299.99 and a 3-year warranty.
best Portable Vaporizers for weed
3. Atmos Transporter – $109

This is one of the newest product, using a high-grade ceramic chamber, which can vaporize weed at high temperatures. It is designed as a flask, with an anodized scratch resistant shell.
It is also called “ The Oven” because it heats chamber inside. Although there are no coils, this unit helps the device ensure all your herb fully utilized. This unit’s chamber is quite big and even hold up to two gram of material. The bottom where you can insert your herbs into the chamber, you just need to press the button, and around 45 seconds, it is ready for you to inhale a thick vapor. The Atmos Transporter is only $109.99 and 3-year warranty.

4. Davince Vaporizer- $129

This is one of the most popular products for years, and always stand at the top of the best-seller list. It is no doubt about its famous branch, but another plus point is DaVince is a budget-friendly vaporizer.
With DaVince vaporizer, you are never worried about accidentally dropping it because of its strong and durable design. Before bringing into the market, DaVinci has been dropped-tested six times at the height of 10 feet. Besides, the product also gets a feature of rechargeable battery, and you just need an hour of each charge.
Also, the products also have a precise digital temperature control; this device allows you to adjust the heating levels. Every vaporizer comes with a removable oil cartridge; it can give you a different option of vaping flowers and concentrates.

This fantastic product is just $129,99 and 2-year warranty
With some information about some kinds of vaporizers, I hope you had a choice for yourself. So, what are you waiting for, let’s change yourself into a standout person with vaporizers.

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