What is the best earbuds under 100 ?

100 dollar is the great amount for you to get excellently priced earbuds. This choice is not only suitable for your pocket, but also offers exquisite sound quality. If you are trying to find the best earbuds under 100 dollar, you are coming to the right place. The article is going to tell you about the list of earbuds under 100 dollars. Now, Let’s start!

1. Onkyo E700MB/27
Onkyo is an established Japanese brand which serves for the luxury audio segment and is famous for manufacturing product such as high-quality A?V Receiver, or Home Theatre System as well as other portable audio devices.
Therefore, this you do not need to worry about this; this is one of the most famous brands for its quality.
Since it is a luxury audio brand, it is undoubted that its design and quality is pretty perfect. In this list, this product is one of the best-designed in-ear headphones and score full mark when we mention its quality and looks. Besides, this earbud is made from aluminum, and it can support high-resolution audio at the reasonable price. There is a small grille at the top which helps proper air flow and provides the in-turn accentuates bass as well as the performance of lower frequencies.
The aluminum earbud face has angled ear tip. Moreover, there is also a package which has lots of silicone ear tips with different sizes and a pair of Comply Foam ear tips fitting it.
Although Onkyo E700MB/27 is a luxurious brand, it has twisted wire cable design which usually used for cheaper earbuds, but it is still a good design.

2. Trinity Delta
Trinity Audio Engineering is known as Trinity. This company is crowd funded on the KickStarter.com.They have three earbuds: Delta, Techne, and Hyperion. Trinity Delta which we mention is one of three products of Trinity Audio.
The speciality of the Trinity Delta is its separate tuning filters which allow you to change the phone sound signature. There are three tuning filter:
– Fun: This is specifically meant for bass heads, this let you enjoy heavy bass songs.
– Smooth: This part allows you enjoy the intricate details in song. This tuning filter will adjust all kind of music you want without compromising on anything.
– Vivid: This tuning filter creates a boot to trebles and learn more about playing jazz, metals, rock song with ease.
The package of Trinity Delta has a hard triangle shell carrying case with five extra car trips, a 90-degree headphone adapter, Shirt Clip and two tuning filters.

3. Brainwavz S3
Brainwavz is the technological brand which provides significant sound quality from its products with low price. That why Brainwavz S3 becomes one of the best and cheapest product in our list. The products have metal housing, inline microphone and 3.5 mm connector jack which is made from the rubberized housing.
The inline microphone has three buttons: Volume Up, Volume Down and End/ Receive Call. Besides, 3.5mm connector jack has an eye-catching design with a gold plated design.Moreover, Brainwavz S3 provides an 8mm driver lying inside Earplugs. This creates impedance of 16 Ohms and 16Hz- 22,000 Hz of a Frequency range.

The package of this product is filled with many accessories such as Hard Shell Carrying Case, one pair of Comply Eartip, A Pair of Dual-flange and Triple-Flange Eartips, six sets of color coded Silicone Eartips in Small, Medium and Large Sizes, Velcro Cable Strap. Therefore, it is a good deal if you buy this product.
These are three best headbands under 100 that we want to introduce to you. Hope with this suggestion; we can find for yourself the suitable one.

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